Smart Living for the Smart Nation

Smart Home in Singapore has the recent technology that is the world's most advanced wireless network technology that features near communication, low bit rate and low energy consumption.
It is mainly used in the wireless connection with short distance and using ZigBee technology as the protocol. A type of secured and energy saving wireless solution, our smart home technology enable the integration between security, home safety, home appliances, home control and gardening control under one controller by using mobile smart phone technology.
This system enable the smart home in Singapore can be monitored and control remotely by mobile phone. Your smart mobile phone is your key and switch for your smart home!
We are a Singapore based company to provide solution to Smart Home technology that enable to control the following house appliances:
     - security CCTV viewing at mobile phone
     - CCTV angle change control via mobile phone
     - lighting control
     - air-conditioning control
     - curtain control
     - door and gate control
     - TV control
     - garden irrigation / watering control
     - emergency alert system